mardi 11 septembre 2012

gendyn external for MAX/MSP

I am giving for a try the following link to an External I wrote for MSP 6, which implements the Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis algorithm invented by Iannis Xenakis. The external will be named gendynix~ . Any remarks are welcome.


By the way, this external has already be used as a synthesis tool for the piece "110110" that was played at ZKM / Karlsruhe on June 2nd 2012. A stereo version of this piece can be listened to in the Audio section of my website. 

2 commentaires:

  1. Very nice! I have read and re-read Xenakis' Formalized Music over the years and it still continues to inspire.

  2. hello, i used your code from gendynix and created a Max For Live device from it. I am going to develop it more and i will of course give credit where credit is due. Let me know if it works for you..