samedi 4 avril 2015

Light Mix

Working on a new installation, with sound, light, video feedback, 3D particle system...
First draft on the 8th April 2015, University of Rouen.

LightMixFil8Avr2015Extr2 from bourotte on Vimeo.

LightMixFil8Avr2015Extr1 from bourotte on Vimeo.

dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Max MSP .mxo : folders instead of files

The thing happened once again when downloading the last modalys.mxo external from IRCAM, so I post on this topic again.

When  copying .mxo files to your disk from some external source, you sometimes have this problem :
they don’t show up as a file but as folder (an exploded package), with subfolders or files like : MacOS, Info.plist, Resources.To get back and working your external file :
1 – Create a file with textedit or else
2 – write « iLaX???? » (without quotes) in it
3 –  Save as Pkginfo (no  extension)
4 – Place this file in the Contents folderThis procedure helped a lot, it was found on the following site :

dimanche 13 octobre 2013

new pieces

Added two entries (music) in the website :
- Radiations de temps, for 4 voices, piano and electronics
- The day when daylight fell, for G flute and marimba 4 1/2 octave

mardi 11 septembre 2012

gendyn external for MAX/MSP

I am giving for a try the following link to an External I wrote for MSP 6, which implements the Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis algorithm invented by Iannis Xenakis. The external will be named gendynix~ . Any remarks are welcome.


By the way, this external has already be used as a synthesis tool for the piece "110110" that was played at ZKM / Karlsruhe on June 2nd 2012. A stereo version of this piece can be listened to in the Audio section of my website. 

vendredi 19 août 2011

rnd manager / an alternative score display utility

rndmanager is the name for an external written in C for MAX/MSP 5.

The idea is to allow for a different music notation system, which can be altered in real time according to 6 parameters :
- freq ( = rhythmic density ) mean value / heterogeneity
- amplitude mean value / heterogeneity
- on-ratio ( = length of an event ) mean value / heterogeneity

What you can find in the provided link :
- an example app for practising with the system (compatible osx/intel only)
- an example patch
- the external itself ( OSX / MAX5 / Intel )

This system has been used several times in concerts involving musicians from various backgrounds, the project was called Comma (

Download rndManager

jeudi 18 août 2011

Proba Painter Demo

This is a standalone app for OSX, made with MAX/MSP.

Loads a picture, makes a probability density function versus time out of it, so that a sequence of controlled probabilistic events can be played.

The ideal picture would be a grayscale landscape 1000*256 pixels.
Darker spots give a bigger probability for an event to occur.

In this basic example, the sequencer uses two independent windows to control pitch and amplitude.

" It is curious how the two inventions of Xenakis’, although conceived of as complementary (fixed, hand- drawn UPIC waveforms vs. dynamic, ever changing GENDYN ones) can both fulfill Xenakis’ lifelong dream of an “Automatic Music”, in spite of the fact that Xenakis himself was seemingly not aware of this being possible with his UPIC system."
Peter Hoffmann

Download ProbaPainterDemo1.1